not the norm…and i’m not sure why

on the handful of saturdays a year that jimmy has to work or has a whole day of “man things” planned and i have the kids to myself all day, i decide that as it is a saturday, it has to look different from any usual day of the week. today was such a day, and here is what we did

~  had a lazy morning with pancakes and the baby shoveling in fistfuls amid happy gurgles

~ went to a friend’s and took pictures of their family for their christmas cards (yes, she is on the ball and sadly, i am not)

~ stopped by a yard sale at the montessori school housed in a bomb shelter-looking building at the end of pickett. more from curiosity at what it looks like close-up than any great need. but i did find a vintage star wars t for jameson and a hello kitty one for mercy – score

~ let the kids have tootsie pops (from the never-ending halloween supply) on the porch while i was making lunch, as opposed to making them wait until after

~ and that lunch i was busy preparing…well, didn’t know what to make to make it “different” as i was out of cheese for cheese and crackers, there were no hot dogs for pigs in blankets. so i settled on pop corn, carrots, and apples while i read to them from one of our new-to-us books from the yard sale. they were happy

~ since, they have all obliged me, patience included, by taking an extra-long nap on this beautiful, sunny, breezy day. so i also was given a nap, the time to finish reading under the tuscan sun: at home in italy (beautiful, with a weak ending – but how else do you end a book about a dream life when it isn’t over?) and now a chance to blog

~ finished out the evening with ravioli, broccoli, home-made garlic bread, nestle toll house minis and a shock top pumpkin wheat for me and our local jazz station (which i just realized we can actually get in the house!) while it was all cooking and baking


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