a little indulgence here, please

the name is adult, dark chocolate dreams, but the taste is all kid. and the strawberries do make me feel a little less guilty about giving them chocolate for lunch, thanks for asking. i think this will be the next one we try.

and a bit of indulgence was waiting for me, tied and double-bagged on our gate as i left for joann’s today, courtesy of our library delivery system. can’t wait to get into the lost art of real cooking: rediscovering the pleasures of traditional food one recipe at a time. and while possibly one of the longest titles for a cookbook ever, i am quite looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “a little indulgence here, please

    • that looks great! i have a few “stapes” of processed foods that i keep on hand (some guilty pleasures) but i try to stay away from processed stuff, too. it was so much easier while preg w/ patience and after to use pre-packaged rice or side, but trying to get back to my own again!
      and the book is a bit…um, well, i’m not going to order koji fungus to make my own miso, but i’m likely to try my own sauerkraut. not too far in yet, but it is interesting for sure!

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