this is how today started out

then from baking to laundry (feeling so productive!)

and things were going so well, kids playing nicely together, running around in the beautiful sunshine; bread was rising; dinner was already on the stove – told you i was feeling productive!  i thought i’d make them a tasty little al fresco lunch of not-the-norm-but-yummy treats and even threw in caprisuns. then called them to eat and i walked out to this

so, they did this

and went for naps without their tasty little lunches. don’t worry, they got them when they got up.

and then the day ended with these

not a bad ending. plus, we had hot bread with honey and butter for snacktime. and clean laundry…eventually


2 thoughts on “today

  1. i can totally see them pulling the clothes off while dancing through the lines thinking it was the most fun ever! 🙂 i was so mad, but i kept thinking of how much fun they’d probably had!

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