washing our (food) sins away

i love my husband. but since a certain unfortunate chain buffet restaurant has (sadly) come to our side of town, he has been wanting to visit. (i won’t name it, but it could also be called The Yellow Place Where Livestock Is Kept.) and while i would never say anything to him like when hell freezes over, because i love him, i’m pretty sure he understood that  there was  no way i would ever go there or consent to take our children.

this was before i was pregnant.

when you are pregnant; have a four-year old, almost three-year old, and one-year old; have nothing planned for dinner; are finishing up your stay-at-home-and-clean day with all three kids cooped up inside because of storms; and your husband comes home early and offers to take you to eat “somewhere else” (i.e., i won’t have to clean the kitchen, set and clear the table, sweep under the table, wash dishes, to say nothing of the the energy it would have taken just to figure out what to fix…) things change a bit. well, alot, actually.

so this yellow-place-where-livestock-is-kept has a chocolate fountain and cotton candy machine, blue being the color last night. so you can imagine what our children looked like at the end of the meal. (and in spite of excellent training otherwise, they absolutely loved all their food and for the first time for the past year, we didn’t have to remind mercy to eat.)  anyway, to make a long story short…they greatly needed to run off some of the sugar and needed a bath to wash off the sugar, so jimmy got out with them halfway down the drive and made them run to the house in the rain. which turned into an entire-family-even-the-baby-got-involved water fight. it was pretty fabulous.


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