a slightly less elegant version…

i found these yummy-looking shortbread bites on my cousin’s pinterest board


i thought it would be a fun Christmas baking project with the kids (which, i might add, is not normally something high on my ocd list of Fun Things to Do with Small Children).


instead of kneading the sprinkles in, i gave them each their own plate with dough, sprinkled it with the Christmas sprinkles they chose, and let them roll it around. like play-doh. but tastier.


and the oven fixed the ugliness. so, while ours aren’t as pretty as the ones in the picture, they could have looked alot worse if the oven hadn’t softened and melted them a little.

*note, i made the first batch according to the instructions and a second batch from namaste’s perfect flour blend  because we are wanting to cut out as much sugar and wheat from our diet as is possible for us right now (i know, fantastic time of year to be implementing that change, well played, parents!). they came out tasting good (or as good as something without wheat flour can taste, right?), but they seemed to melt a little more than the wheat flour ones. so if you are wanting them to look like the ones in the recipe picture, you might need to do a little messing around with the measurements to get it firmer…or, i guess, not let little hands roll them and melt the butter.  i also added a few drops of peppermint oil to that batch, which i would highly recommend!


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