proverbs 31:18

26 may 13

proverbs 31:18

she senses that her gain is good; her lamp does not go out at night

i know what i am doing is profitable and i work hard at it

even when it doesn’t feel like it or i don’t see it right away, what i am doing is bearing fruit in the lives of my family and for God, so i continue to work hard.

one of the difficult things about parenting is that i do not necessarily see the fruits (good or bad!) of what i’m doing right away, so i have to be sure that i am doing what i am with purpose, at the Holy Spirit’s direction. then i can know it will bear godly fruit.

God, let me allow your Spirit to guide my day so even when i do not feel “complete” at the end of each day, i know i have done what you have given me to do (john 17:4). let me sense your presence guiding, directing me and work hard at the tasks before me. thank you for my family and the ability to work for them.


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