proverbs 31:22

01 jun 15

proverbs 31:22

she makes coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple.

i don’t neglect myself in my care for our family and i take care with my appearance.

what i originally wrote earlier last month was i take care of my husband and make sure i look nice. but when i read it today, it did not seem as on target as what i thought about this morning. it also touches on a sore spot for me. i go a little crazy when i hear moms say things like, my children are my life, and i do everything for my kids. there are so many levels of wrongness with those statements that i could get on my soapbox for days.

so instead of a rant, i decided to look up what the coverings for herself meant…and it appears that she is making sure her bed looks nice. so it looks like i take care of my husband might be what i should have stuck with, wink wink.

Help me to take care of myself in a way that brings glory to you, God; to love my neighbor as myself. so i need to be loving myself, but in light of your love for me. teach me to see myself as you see me in order to keep myself in the right perspective. i want our girls to grow up knowing who they are in you and having the confidence that can only come from accepting your love and view of them.


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