score one for mama

the. best. $1.99 (x three packs) that i have ever spent! i have been making busy boxes for our 18 month old, like these to keep her occupied while doing school with big kids and bought the pompoms to put half in a tupperware for her to dump and fill, and stick magnets on the other half to play with on a small metal tray. she found them while i was cooking dinner, so i figured i would let her play with them.


after i set her up with a fill-and-dump container, our three year old asked if she could play, too. i got her going with a handful of them.


of course, then along come our five and six year olds who want a piece of the action, so i look for ice cube trays, realize i don’t have any (really) but find the ikea ice trays and tongs for a fun time.


i also happened to have a random clothespin in the kitchen that i hadn’t walked to the laundry room yet. so the big kids took turns with the clothespin and tongs, while the little ones wanted their turn with the tongs and trays.


the tissue box that can no longer be left on normal level because this little one likes to empty it, got emptied again and filled with pompoms. based on the length of time she spent with it, i don’t think i will be throwing them out any time soon.


when she got tired of playing with the trays and dump and fill container, she started putting them away in the plastic bag they came in! the big kids started hiding theirs for each other to find, so we played “hot and cold” until daddy came home (20 minutes late) for dinner, with no one crying or whining!

best $5.97 ever.


feeling crafty

clothes pin bag

clothes pin bag, at last!


sweet p’s pinafore


ring sling and burp cloth

stockings by the fire

stockings by the fire

do you know how awful it is to try and get a picture of your own head with an ipad?

do you know how awful it is to try and get a picture of your own head with an ipad?

after months of not doing much, november – december was crazy productive! i was thinking of all the things i had been doing, was amazed at myself and felt the need to share, of course. so let’s start at the top, shall we?

clothes pin bag  my grandma always had a clothes pin bag and i wanted one when we started hanging our clothes, but couldn’t find one. i ended up finding this one. i did not download the template, i just eye-balled it because i am impatient and didn’t want to take the time. also, the fabric i used isn’t really fabric, it is some weird non-plastic, table cloth-like stuff i inherited through the years, so the “neck” does not lay flat, but for a 20-minute, pattern-free project, i am pleased! and think of my grandma every time i use it.

pinafore  my cousin texted me a picture of her daughter in this super cute pinafore and promised it was crazy easy-peasy. and basically…she was so right! let me be clear about my actual sewing abilities: i have never (never) completed a pattern without handing it mangled and still in pieces to my mom for her to fix and finish for me. until this one. and i made it, from download/print-out/cut-out to sewing complete, minus buttonholes, in one nap time. seriously. and i did another one for our oldest daughter after the kids were in bed. (we had a play day the next day that i wanted them to wear them to, so i was a little motivated)

ring sling and burp cloth  this is more my kind of sewing. like curtains, there are just lots of straight lines and no fancy work. super easy to make and make a few bucks on the side. actually, this the reason my fantastic husband made my dream laundry/sewing room for me, to make a little side money while taking care of the kids. so, yes, the sling is for sale!

stockings by the fire  justice, our newest addition, went last Christmas without a stocking. but as she was only a week and a half old, i am fairly certain she was ok with it. however, this year she will need one, so i am furiously knitting when i have the time to sit (and am not blogging). in the back is mercy’s, what the finished product will look like. i went ahead and added it in because by the time it is done, i will have done all these projects in under a month. (i am not gloating) (well, maybe a little)

flowered cloche  ok, not big on the selfies, but it didn’t look like anything lying on the arm of the couch and i wasn’t thinking jimmy would want to model it for me, so there it is. i have a really fantastic scarf from gap that used to have a matching hat (but not gloves because i was too cheap to buy them and i have regretted it ever since) but one of my roommates from the past had a friend who was going someplace cold and i let her borrow it and have never seen it again (or the friend, come to think of it, although, randomly, she and her now husband and children have moved next door to some friends of mine who live an hour away. yeah, weird. so…) i crocheted this one to go with it and now i don’t have to be bitter anymore.

i want to go to kindergarten


i was reading the latest newsletter from the school i attended all 12 years of my pre-college career, warner christian academy, and they had included the list of supplies students need on the first day of school. i love new office supplies. even as a kid, i loved going and getting new notebooks, pencils, a fresh stack of looseleaf paper, thin-lined, of course…but take a look at this list and tell me it doesn’t make you want to go to school:

Scissors (Fiskars)
Washable markers (fat) 2 sets
2 Baby Wipes (for all those markers, i’m guessing)
Towel/sm. blanket (rest time)
Glue Stick (6)
Tissue (1 Lg. bx)
2 Plastic Pencil Boxes (5” x 8”)
#2 Pencils (Yellow, Wood)
Crayola Crayons (2 boxes, 24 count )
Pink Bar Eraser (2)
Plastic, folding mat (foam inside, no thicker than 1 inch)
Ziploc Bags (Qt. & Gal 1 each.)
1 (70 sheet) spiral notebooks

scissors! when was the last time you just sat and cut something up just to do it? made a little paper snowflake or line of paper men? TWO boxes of crayons, 24 count? i’m in heaven thinking of the colors and the sharp tips! not really sure what the ziploc bags are for. possibly my favorite, the folding mat and blanket for rest time. i still love naps.

so school does get progressively worse, it isn’t just perspective or imitating the Big Kids’ talk about hating school and it being boring at all…it really does get boring. if you doubt me, here is the high school list of supplies: paper; notebooks; dividers; red, blue, black pens; highlighters; 3×5 cards; a bajillion 3-ring notebooks. the only things on that list with potential are the 3×5 cards – because it didn’t say they have to be white – and the highlighters.

i’m glad i’ve got two pre-schoolers to keep me up to my ears in construction paper and crayons, and glitter, don’t forget the glitter!