proverbs 31:17

22 may 15

proverbs 31:17

she girds herself with strength, and makes her arms strong.

i am not lazy, but i’m strong and ready to work, energetic

of course it comes to this, God! i was just thinking yesterday how it is interesting that there are not any direct verses where you command exercise (i.e. thou shalt sweat, or workest thine muscles until they ache). i am not saying this is it, but exercise (and eating good foods) is really the best way to make myself strong and energetic. i think this can also tie into giving my family my best (proverbs 31:14), because what seven, five, four, and two year olds wouldn’t want their mom running, playing and wrestling with them? so, it it time well spent with the kids as well as being active: win win!

God, teach me to find delight in taking care of my body as well as our family.


may the force be with you

(you’re going to need it)

as part of her early childhood requirements at her university, my cousin emily is taking a yoga class. her daily homework is a 15-20 minute session recorded by her teacher (should it be professor since it’s a college class? yoga professor sounds weird) anyway, she has started coming over in the morning so i can do the sessions with her on our porch. it’s so serene in the (somewhat) early morning before the florida humidity sets in. we sip our coffee, set up our mats with blocks and stretch bands within reach, get the computer ready…set…and go. amid dog, cats, and three small children, we practice yoga.

patience : (from her play yard, we learned early on this is better than letting her run free) em-mee!

mercy : is that our computer?

me : yes, it is. shhh, ok?

creepy-voiced yoga instructor begins

mercy : (whispering and trying to copy our moves) is that your yoda mat?

patience : em-mee!

at some point, mercy leaves so emily and i actually have a chance to focus until we hear from behind the bathroom door…

mercy : i’m duh-un!

me : ok, get down, then.

mercy : but i POOPED! (snicker from emily)

me : ok, you’ll have to wait a couple minutes.

jameson : look! i made lego guns (pointing them in my face as i’m trying eagle pose). pshew, pshew!

me : shhh, that’s great, jameson. go back to your lego table, ok? and let mercy (who has been yelling this whole time that she’s duh-un) know i’ll be in in a minute, please.

jameson : ok. (opening the bathroom door) mama will be here in a minute, stinky butt!

mercy : I AM NOT stinky butt! (more snickers from emily)

jameson : haha! yes you are stinky butt! (mercy continues to yell that she’s not)

jameson : haha! i called mercy stinky butt…look, i made lego guns. pshew!

me : (now in lotus, hands at heart center and supposedly focusing for the rest of the day) shhh, don’t call her stinky butt. nice guns, and again, please go back to your lego table. thank you.

and we are done. i help mercy finish but when she comes back and sees that emily and i are putting our mats away she wails, “but i wanted to do yoda with you!!!”

things i think about while running

i started.  up until a few weeks ago, a sign a friend posted on fb said it all about me: I never run with scissors. those last two words were unnecessary. and then i started the couch to 5k program. but to keep you from being too impressed, i’m doing my 6th week of week one.

:: i hate running (yes, i literally think this every time i start out. don’t tell me about positive reinforcement, i’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked so i’m going with honesty being the best policy here with myself)

:: it’s a beautiful morning. so nice and cool…man, this is gonna suck when it gets hot

:: what a great place to run. thank you, God, that our Y is right here in such a beautiful place along the river with the wildlife

:: i love the diversity of people out exercising

:: i hate running

:: it’s kinda nice when i pass a creepy guy on the path – motivates me to keep going so i don’t have to think about him being behind me

:: don’t pass out, you don’t want to land in an ant hill

:: yoga is going to feel so good after this

:: i hate running

:: there is another creepy person and there really is no place for a concealed weapon in running clothes

:: almost time to walk again, i can make it  – darn, i don’t want to pass this person and then slow down to walk right in front of them. i should just slow now. yep.

:: breathe! wait, am i supposed to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth? or should i try to breathe in and out through my nose and save panting for when i’m really tired? i just need to text travis and ask him.

:: i have to have the loudest, heaviest footfall ever

:: you know, a person could just jump out of those bushes and grab someone and no one would ever know. i need to tell my friends that i never make eye contact or talk with anyone on the trail…that way when the “helpful” bystander is interviewed and says he remembers passing me because we smiled and said hi, they’ll know he’s the one who did it because he’s lying because i never make eye contact or talk to anyone…a little focus here, please.

:: when is the euphoria i always hear about supposed to kick in?

:: lose the weight, lose the weight. it’ll be worth it

:: aaagghhhhhh! i. hate. running.

:: ok, almost back…crap, i should have been using this time to pray…

:: whew. man, do i hate running

:: i love yoga. and a smoothie. and lying on my yoga mat.

since i gave up hope i feel alot better

that is actually the title of a cynical steve taylor song. well, that wasn’t very descriptive, i guess, as most of his songs are quite cynical…but i digress.

this is me filling in the blank: since i ____________ , i feel alot better

:: quit trying try to keep up with my fantasy football team at the beginning of this season, i feel alot better…and i’m actually winning again. go figure

:: gave up trying to get christmas pictures done in time for christmas and settled on “new year’s cards,” i feel so much better…everyone was sick and snotty for so long there was no point in trying to get a decent picture.

:: put up the christmas tree and decorations – well, i may not feel better, but i sure do smile every time i glance over at any of them

:: went to yoga this morning for the first time in forever, i feel alot better. but don’t ask me tomorrow, i may not be able to move

:: decided to just laugh and clean up this mess…(that’s five decks of cards, by the way)