proverbs 31:21

29 may 15

proverbs 31:21

she is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet

i don’t fear bad weather or disaster because I have done what I can to prepare my family and to care for them

do I plan for the things that happen with our family? i feel like the preparation i need to do is spiritual just as much, if not more, than physical. we don’t live in a place where nature can overtake you (at least, not in a way that you can prepare for other than stocking up on water and canned goods during hurricane season), but i can prepare myself spiritually for life’s events and see that our kids are prepared for the things that will happen. give them the tools to deal with disappointment, hurts, success, physical pain, love…

i know that working through this proverbs 31 passage and having the habit of meeting with you , God, is preparing me for snowy weather. guide me to other ways to get ready for life and to prepare our household for the lives you are giving us to live.


quicker than i thought

i almost feel as if i should reintroduce myself because it has been so long since i have written. things have changed. things have stayed the same. my previous post, i realized as a i sat down to write, was to announce that i was pregnant with our fifth baby in 5 years. but it turns out i was not pregnant and there was that to work through. social media is a funny thing. how do you retract after it’s been sent out into the world wide web? even so, we are happy and busy with our four lovelies, two cats, four pigs (for now), seven chicks, and eleven-ish cows (pregnant mamas and soon-to-be grass-fed beef make me unsure of the count).

life is sweet. God is good. and my husband is home early from work, so this is cut short!

buzz gets a day job

look how happy he is to be scooping cow pies from the play yard! i’m sure if we ask him to do this in five years he will moan, complain and roll his eyes…or if he doesn’t, it will only be because i have let him know there are serious consequences for such behavior. i remember begging my parents to let me do the dishes. dragging a kitchen table chair to the sink so i could reach and promising not to break anything. now, other than putting laundry away, it is my most dreaded chore. (well, and after cleaning the floors. i promise, i don’t even get upset anymore when one of the kids spills a drink…i just figure it’s the only time our floors get cleaned)

when do we change from excited to bored? and honestly, more importantly, why?

better than tv : part i – santa zorro

this is either just going to be a running title for super-cute things the kids do (or at least things i think are super-cute), or i might make it a category…just depends on how into it i get. but, here’s the first installment

mercy: please help daddy feel better and in Jesus’ name, amen. (looking up at me and shrugging her shoulders) and that’s all i’ve got

jameson’s prayer during the past Hester Plague: God, we’re all sick. please help us get better. i prayed. and i went to the doctor…but it didn’t work. i still have a cough.

jameson on the way to church today: so i think we should get daddy’s big blue truck back and tie the black jeep to it and the red car to the black jeep. and drive daddy’s big blue truck to church. yeah! (*side note – jimmy says jameson’s not a red-neck…but we’ve never pulled any car anywhere, with anything, so if he’s not a redneck, how does he come up with this stuff? *side, side note, i think all little boys at heart are rednecks)

jameson on jackson (his current favorite topic for any and all discussions): i think we should unscrew the bunk beds, put them in the back of the car and go to jackson’s house. and will and i can sleep on the top and jackson and gabe can sleep where mercy sleeps. and then we can wake up, and eat breakfast, and play. and then go home. yeah!

and santa-zorro is looking for a new tree skirt, as this one is now under the tree

some observations about being sick

i walked through our bathroom yesterday and this is what the counter looked like…

  • various bottles of ibuprofen, acetaminophen and claritin for the kids
  • saline and squeezer-snot-sucker that i swore i’d never use (ick!) for patience
  • my personal drug of choice – nyquil – for jimmy
  • some kind of kick-butt, better-than-letting-them-die-and-we-can’t-afford-it-anyway cough syrup sample and syringe from the pediatrician
  • pen and paper because, seriously, there is no. possible. way. i can hope to remember when three kids all last took their various meds (and a possible side effect of over-dosing on the kick-butt cough syrup is brain damage) (whaaat?!?)
  • burt’s bees chapstick for sore noses (yes, it really works. and yes, it might sting for a second, but suck it up)
  • and, vick’s vapo steam for the vaporizer

i was going to title this post “drug paraphernalia” but i thought i might get lots of google hits looking for something else

observation I – there really is nothing luxurious about being sick when you have kids. not that i enjoyed being sick when i was single or when it was just me and jimmy, but there was a certain aahhhhh to be indulged in once you’d made the call to your boss and knew you had the rest of the day to lay in bed and revel in your miserableness. and then, as you felt a little better, you could eat whatever you felt like eating (you’re sick, remember, and need to keep your strength up. have another chocolate chip cookie!), maybe read a book or watch a movie and doze…those days are over when you have kids. not happening. that’s all.

observation II – as grateful as i am for doctors and those kick-butt meds and antibiotics and all…do you ever wonder at how we just trust doctors? i mean, they are giving us stuff that could cause brain damage and shots that can possibly give us rashes and inflammations and breathing problems, and we really have no idea what to do, we just want our kids to get better. so we go ahead with these treatments. and as educated as we want to be, we aren’t doctors so we don’t always have the answers when our kids are hurting, and we choose to go to the people who (hopefully) do have the answers. or at least more answers than we do…but it’s a level of trust i question every time i take one of the babies in.

observation III – even sick kids will eat peppermint brownies. just sayin’

observation IV – (maybe more Disclaimer or Confession than actual Observation, but i’ve got a flow going here) so i might have enjoyed being sick just a little when jimmy and i were first married and had not yet embarked on the madness that is Parenthood. but it is just because he was so thoughtful and eager to get whatever i wanted and i didn’t actually have to get up unless i wanted to. but give me a break, it’s not as if i ever pretended to be sick (or sicker than i was) just for some sympathy or the sake of laziness or anything…

my heart hurts watching the dateline 9.11 special. the sadness. the bravery. the selflessness. the willingness to do a job, knowing it likely meant the end.

ok, getting angry – does anyone else remember a magazine cover that had President and Mrs. Bush and was titled something along the lines of the nation’s defender…the nation’s comforter? can’t find it anywhere…